We began attending church. For the first time in my short life, I began to do more than sleep in the services or daydream about the coming meal… I was tuned in. I will never forget that Wednesday night in April of 1991, my eyes were opened by the Spirit of God and the need for a Savior was clear. I understood my need for the endless mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.   

A guest preacher shared a clear, simple, biblical gospel message and it was like a light bulb went off in my soul….DING……”I have a problem!” I have a problem with sin that I cannot reconcile. I understood in that moment that I had spent every waking moment of my adolescence trying to desperately gain acceptance and had missed out on being forgiven and right with whom it mattered most. I was not right with God because of my sin.  Jesus was the right answer to my right questions. It was clear I needed Jesus. I needed His forgiveness, His freedom, His identity, His perfect love …I needed rescuing.

I waited until I got home later that night and immediately asked my parents to talk me through my thoughts. I believed that night and repented of my sins. Life has certainly been a journey from that moment forward. The coming years would bring about much fruit, much change, much adversity, and victory.  There have been amazing celebrations (call to ministry, LSU, NOBTS Seminary, doctoral degree, marriage, kids, family, opportunity to make disciples) and much difficulty (Cancer diagnosis, several miscarriages, hurricanes Katrina and Rita) Not a moment I would change. God’s sanctification has been sweet.                                                                       <<< BACK



I have spent my entire adult life (twenty years) committed and called to full time ministry in the local church. The first fourteen years God used me in the area of family ministry (next generations, students, parents, and family discipleship). Those years certainly seasoned  me to all areas of church life, and allowed me so many opportunities to invest in the lives of individuals who are in the process of discovering their identities, planning for the future, and raising healthy families.

God has always placed within me a desire to study and teach/preach the Word of God. An underlying call placed on my life as a result of God’s direction to serve in the local church has been to proclaim His Word. I have been blessed with the privilege these past twenty years to have had the opportunity and gifting to preach regularly in churches, pulpit supply, schools, camps, retreats, and conferences all over this country and abroad. God has allowed me to share the gospel and teach His Word faithfully in ten countries and thirty states, including Israel, Guatemala, and Mexico. To the best of my estimation, I have communicated the Bible to over 40,000 people since the year 2000. God is incredibly gracious to use us like He does! (1 Cor. 1:26-31)


 My prayer is to see a generation of believers who are known for their biblical literacy, doctrinal integrity, and undeniable passion for Jesus Christ. My work is making disciples through preaching, mentoring, biblical counseling, and through living life together in the power of the Gospel.                                                                                                          CONTINUE >>>

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